IMG_9411 web4x4Hi, and welcome.

I’m delighted to announce the publication of my first science fiction novel ‘The Alien Eve’ in April 2015.

I’ve always enjoyed science fiction as a genre because the possibilities are endless in locations, time periods, and types of characters. It gives my female protagonists a full range of opportunities that wouldn’t be afforded to them in real-life situations. I want them to have the adventures, the decisions, the choices, the ability to step out of societal-bound definitions of how they should behave or act or not, to have the possibility of love in their lives, no matter how brief, and to incorporate women of different ages, ethnicity, and backgrounds to tell their story.

For as long as I’ve read fiction, watched TV or sat in the drive-in cinema on a Friday night, I’ve re-lived those stories in my mind and re-imagined all of them with a heroine in the lead. She was one who had the adventure and fell in love. Or didn’t.

Alien Eve front cover webThe Alien Eve is set in a fictional area similar to County Waterford in Ireland in a present day timeline. It’s about a group of people, who appear human, and are found in the local mountains following the receipt of an ‘alien’ message.

This website also has my blog, which was called ‘Waiting to write: Writing and the Art of Procrastination’ and was for writers, like me, who tend to, well, procrastinate. I admit I get stuck with the balance between writing and living, tidying up the house or turning up at the laptop and working on another scene. So I decided to write about my thoughts on the process and craft of writing. That blog is now on this site. Follow me to get the latest posts.

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